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(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)

Do you find yourself in an unexpected position? If so, what would you prefer having at your side? Of course, you want a handy tactical pen. But what is a tactical pen? A tactical pen is a hidden self-defense tool utilized these days.

If you are planning to buy a tactical pen, we will provide you with the 25 best tactical pens you can choose from. Pick the one you think that suits your style and budget.


Reviews of the Best Tactical Pens on the Market


1. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

The Gerber tactical pen fits the bill along with its “rite-in-the-rain” ballpoint cartridge. It enables you to write in wet and dry conditions efficiently and upside down if you want. Apart from that, it’s retractable too. That denotes you don’t need to take off the cap and attack. However, with that, you are prepared with a click of a button to safeguard yourself.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • It has a push button
  • Easy to refill
  • Built tough

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The pen gets locked into position


2. The Atomic Bear SWAT Tactical Pen

The Swat Tactical Pen is combined with the training and knowledge required to handle these kinds of pen. The pen is very militaristic, and it comes with a holster. It features a Velcro-closed holster that keeps it safe. Its body is air-craft-grade aluminum that makes it extremely sturdy.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • It’s made extremely strong
  • A handful tactical tool
  • It secures both ends

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • It proves to be too heavy and stout for anyone who wants slim pens


3. SurvivalKit Tactical Survival Pen

Survival Kit’s tactical pen is made from aircraft aluminum. That means it offers sturdiness and stability while in use. Further, it has two ends with that to work. The pen features a strong external shell which helps in gripping the case tightly during an attack.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Rough external shell
  • Simple to maintain grip
  • Lightweight

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Too big


4. Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK Tactical Pen

On the other hand, this tactical pen on our list was a tailored pen which is very comfortable to hold and simple to wear. It makes it easily accessible, so if you need it, you can have it. This tactical pen is sought-after for its sleek black aluminum body features. It’s ribbed along the wholeness of the shaft to offer a better grip during an emergency. Further, the cap connects to either end and with just a click.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Perfect size and weight
  • Strong and reliable
  • Writing is comfortable

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The ink dried out a few weeks


5. The Atomic Bear Rebel Tactical Pen

If the high standards of The Atomic Bear SWAT enticed you but the design very much didn’t then this model might better-suited for you. The sleek and handy body of this pen stands out among the selection of bulky tactical pens while retaining the same quality and utility.

As far as features go, the Rebel only has a glass breaker tip, though it can be used in many ways, as shown by their free online courses on self-defense.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Solid build from high-quality military-grade aluminum
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable, by comparison

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The cap doesn’t fit on the other end of the pen when removed


6. Smith & Wesson SWPENMPBK Tactical Pen

Did you know that military grade pens don’t need to be costly? The Smith & Wesson Military pen is beautifully made to help in safeguarding yourself from the unknown. The design looks like a Kubaton. The 5.8-inch pen is wavy for a much secure grip whenever fighting. It guarantees it won’t slip out of anyone’s hand during a time of crises. It’s very light as well and could be swayed without too much drag.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Writing is very comfortable with this pen
  • Pen sites comfortable in the pocket for simple access
  • It generates fluid lines

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The cap comes out of the pocket even without the pen


7. Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen

This tactical pen is a joy to hold in the home or the office. This item is a very heavy duty pen which doubles a weapon in a pinch. It makes a helpful tool too. Its body is tapered down to a dull point, with no rough militaristic etchings you observe on various pens. The smooth case along the body brings into question how efficient this tactical pen is.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Dependable
  • Secure
  • Durable

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The finish rubs off easily


8. Modkin Tactical Pen Survival Kit

The handy pen from Modkin does more than the majority of the tactical pens available on the market today. It’s the ultimate survivalist tactical pen, as it comes with more than you think. The flashlight is very understandable. Its LED, so during the worst-case event, you can easily shine it in the eye of the attacker and blind them momentarily.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Multi-purpose tactical pen
  • It features a wide application uses
  • Ideal for business use

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Wobbly, but usable


9. Off-Grid Tactical Pen

The tactical pen from Off-Grid is no different from others. It’s made to serve as hand-held protection if you’re out of choices. That denotes looking pen boasts dual points, one on every end, which can be both utilized as weapons if the need comes. If you don’t want to use it for fighting, you can write through the pend end, or you can utilize the non-writing end to break car windows or open glass if you want to escape.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Travel-friendly pen
  • It’s made like a tank
  • Comes with a nice gift box

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The cap fits so loosely



10. Milcraft 6-in-1 Tactical Pen Multitool

The Milcraft tactical pen opens up to highlight an entire host of secondary tools. Some of these are a serrated edge, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver. That makes it a perfect all-in-one survival kit for those on-the-go consumers. If you want to use it for more personal purposes, there’s no need to worry. The tactical pen can be utilized for home use too. The pen has black ink. It also features a strong grip that’s similar to a heavy-duty flashlight.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Multi-function tools available in one kit
  • Heavy-duty black tactical pen
  • Easy to carry and lightweight

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Quite expensive



11. Kevanna Flashlight Tactical Pen

Do you spend long hours walking home? If yes, the tactical pen from Kevanna got you covered. This pen features numerous safety features to make sure you are always equipped with protection. Moreover, the tactical pen boasts an LED flashlight which is positioned on the end of the pen. It enables you to great visibility in those low light cases.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Made with the great anti-skid capability
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to hook on notebook, bags or bag pack

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Some say the flashlight didn’t work at all


12. Boker Plus Flame Tactical Pen

Are you in search of a tactical pen that can be used for numerous purposes? Look further as Boker Plus Tactical Titanium Flame Pen got you covered. The body of this pen is stylishly colored through fire. It offers every piece a distinctive metallic look. Plus, this isn’t made with aluminum, rather it’s made of titanium.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Made with titanium materials
  • The clip is made to offer less resistance when drawing the pen
  • Heat colored by hand

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Some claims that ink is a bit cheap



13. Cool Hand Cannon Style Tactical Pen

Are looking for a terrific tactical pen? The Bolt Action Tactical Pen made by Cool Hand is a five inches pen which you can bring any time of the day. Its pen clip allows the pen to sit in any pocket for simple grabbing if you need it. Apart from that, it also features a DNA collector for the hassle-free collection of evidence.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Features a DNA collector
  • Made of titanium
  • German Schmidt refiller guarantees flawless writing

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Not suitable for left-handed individuals


14. Outgear Tactical Pen and Survival Card Kit

With the tactical kit from Outgear, you get a free survival card which fixes most of our concerns with ease. The pen is made from an aluminum case for breaking any glasses. The tactical body of the pen is designed to maximize if you’re in a bind. Meanwhile, the set comes with three refills inside the box. The card also features different sized hex wrenches, a serrated edge, a bottle opener, a ruler and more. The entire package is quite handy to have.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Emergency glass breaker
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to carry

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The rubber gasket falls off easily


15. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

Columbia Rivers Knife and Tool is a company that is famous for creating high-quality defensive weapons, and their tactical pen isn’t an exception to that. The T-pen boasts a flawless, easily gripped surface that can endure strong blows. It can break glass too. Similar to other tactical pens in the market, it’s made from durable aluminum to endure pressure without being too bulky.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Available in a black non-reflective finish
  • Perfect for serious emergency uses
  • The pen is excellent for writing

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The clip is too tight


16. Benchmade Damasteel Tactical Pen

This tactical pen from Benchmade is surely a weaponized pen. It can break windows or car windshields whenever you need to. If you’re attacked any time of the day, you can utilize to pen. It can give massive damage to the opponent, providing you sufficient time to run away and ask for assistance. What’s more, this tactical pen is made of Damascus steel, delivering durable case, which is significantly heavy.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable to use
  • Well-designed

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Some users complained about the heaviness of the pen



17. Under Control Tactical SWAT Edition Tactical Pen

Under Control Tactical Pen is a durable pen which comes with a flashlight (LED). It’s made of black aluminum and has good size, solid and robust. The item boasts a DNA catch crown and is incorporated with glass breaker too. It has a piercing jagged end cap that’s perfect for self-defense. Overall, the tactical pen from Under Control has a good weight and simple to use.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • It features DNA catcher and LED light
  • The pen writes flawlessly
  • It’s very simple to use

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The pen is rather long and bulky


18. PK Design Lab PKTP-BK Tactical Pen

This tactical pen from PK Design Lab has a state-of-the-art ergonomic bezel cutting pattern design. You can utilize this freely while wearing gloves. One amazing thing about this item is that its ribbed body improves the anti-slip and anti-roll capabilities of the pen. Plus, it has the ideal weight and is one of the appropriate lengths. Apart from being lightweight, there’s also a good material distance on every end of the pen.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • It’s elegant and sophisticated
  • Features a DNA collector
  • Provides a secure grip

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • A bit expensive


19. Zero Tolerance 0010BLK Tactical Pen

For those who have zero-tolerance for subpar products? Well, this tactical pen knife from Zero Tolerance might be the perfect solution for you. The pen features a rough machined aluminum body and comes with numerous qualities on its side. It boasts a well-made design and construction. It’s worth noting that it’s geared with “Rite in the Rain” pressurized ink cartridge. That denotes it guarantees a flawless flow for the ink.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • The pen is comfortable to use
  • It has a strong grip and very durable
  • It fits securely in the pocket

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • It’s quite complicated to remove the pen cap


20. 5.11 Double Duty Tactical Pen

For those who are wondering, this tactical pen from 5.11 combines self-defense and writing remarkably. It has a durable and solid construction. The pen has a very forceful matte black finish too. If you want to refill the pen, it accepts average ink cartridges which can be found on your local stationery shop.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • It boasts TPR that is essential in any attacks
  • It has a sleek design and excellent grip
  • Very durable

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The pen cannot pass through the TSA security check


21. Cold Steel Pocket Shark Tactical Pen

If you are opting for a cheap tactical pen, then Pocket Shark tactical pen from Cold Steel got you covered. It’s one of the most affordable tactical pens on this list. This item isn’t a pen at all. Instead, it’s more like a permanent marker, and it’s designed to mimic like one.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Made out of plastic
  • The pen is smooth
  • It can be used to pry open doors and break cinderblocks

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • They don’t refill cartridge
  • The pen is huge


22. 2cl Direct Self Defence Tactical Pen

This pen is known as the “Archangel” that was built to be utilized by military personnel and police. It works perfectly as a Kubaton stick, meaning you can control any situation when it degrades into hand-to-hand combat. The pen has a black obelisk design that looks perfect in outdoors and office use.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • A sleek self-defense device
  • The clip is made of stainless steel
  • A tactical pen perfect for any budget and environment

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • Pen cap portion won’t stay on


23. SureFire IV Tactical Pen

Last product on our list is the IV Tactical Pen from SureFire. This pen is a solid pen which can be utilized in different situations. The design and the material show up as most noticeable, and its functionality comes in second. The body is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum that is soft metal under some cases. Moreover, the pocket clip is made to be almost imperishable, and the whole pen is a solidly made writing tool.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • The writing is flawless, and the pen is made in the US.
  • The pen comes along with Schmidt cartridge for easy-flow technology
  • The tail of the pen is a toughened window breaker

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The ink cartridge of the don’t retract far enough


24. Pocket Partners Practical Tactical Pen

This tactical pen is one of those tools which work as an easy, simple to handle, and simple to wield weapon to safeguard yourself from any dangers. The ends of the pen are made of aircraft-grade aluminum that can be utilized as a possible weapon. However, the blunt end of this item makes a good thumb rest for more control. The weight makes it so comfortable to write and hold with. This pen is ideal for office and home use.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Perfect weight and length
  • High strength
  • Discreet and elegant

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The O ring gasket fell out, and the cap won’t lock into place


25. Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen

The tactical pen by Hoffman Richter is made to be your companion whenever you need. The body of the pen is made from durable aluminum and it’s covered with titanium. That makes it so heavy-duty to endure any blow from hard surfaces like car doors or windows. If you are new to tactical pens, this product is perfect for you. It’s simple and doesn’t have lots of features.

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[alert type=blue ]Pros:

  • Cool and discreet to carry
  • Made from rugged and durable materials
  • Easy to use for beginners

[/alert][alert type=blue ]Cons:

  • The pocket clip disappeared, and the cap came off after several uses



Provided what tactical pen provides, its uses, features and some amazing types, no doubt, you can make a smart decision on which tactical pen to purchase that suits your needs. Happy shopping!



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