4 Best Cube 3D Printer Review of 3D Systems

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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

What can be more fun than printing a 3D image of your ideas and creations? There were times when it really seemed impossible. Technical developments and introduction of the software has made it possible to get the best 3D images of anything of your choice.

Over the last few years, 3D printing has become a real treat for the hobbyists as well as professionals. With every new day, news breaks in the sci-fi world that highlight the introduction of new 3D software.

Today it is not difficult to get the 3D prints ranging from the tiny construction blocks to even trendy garments with these 3D printers. You can buy these printers in all price ranges depending on your personal finances.

The 3D printing process needs a special kind of printer which only does 3D printing. 3D printing can never be done with traditional and conventional printers.

3D printing is similar to subtractive manufacturing but I should not be confused with it because there is no need of a milling machine which is only compulsory for subtractive manufacturing. You only need a metal or a plastic piece for creating structures. People appreciate 3D printing for its amazing features. 3d printing is a way of creating 3D structures economically by using lesser amount of material and still the 3D prints are wonderful.

Before you choose a 3D printer it is very important that you should get details on the different brands available in the market. Most importantly read the user reviews these are also helpful in choosing the best 3D printer. There are number of 3D printers which are available in the market. This review will help you to select the best 3D printer for yourself.

Table of Best Cube 3D Printer

4 Best Cube 3D Printer

CubePro 3D Printer

We are living in the world of 3D. This technique is being used in several ways. It is even possible to get the 3D prints out of the printer. This3D printing has made teaching, engineering and even several other professions a real fun.

CubePro makes your creative projects come to life at a printer platform which remains cool throughout this whole process. It has wireless connectivity and a color touch-screen which helps you to transfer your project from the computer to the printer conveniently. The printer is easy to install and ready to work as soon as it comes out of the packing. The only thing it requires is fitting the smart cartridges. The major task of these small cartridges is to keep the filament in perfect shape. It also acts as a means of communication with the Cube regarding the material settings.

It also helps in finding out about the remaining filament in order to help the user work for long without interruption. The CubePro 3D printer is considered highly helpful for it is fitted with a large, ultra high-resolution in-class build platform. As the prints are 2.5 times larger in size as compared to other printers, hence they are more practical and useful.


  • Three resolution print options being 70 microns for high resolution, 200 microns for standard resolution and 300 microns for the draft resolution.
  • Temperature control system.
  • Convenient slicer.
  • Sidewalk feature for comfortable ABS printing.


  • Prints can be fuzzy at times.
  • Controls over G-code are very basic.
  • Expensive cartridges

Cube 3D Printer

The name Cube is self spoken of the quality, reliability and the performance of 3D printers it has introduced in the market. Cube is one of the pioneers in this field. One of its highly appreciated additions in the list of the 3D printers is that of the Cube 3D printer. It adds life to your personal creativity and ideas. The dual colour printing option is a really cool feature introduced in this 3D printer by Cube. The manufacturers have introduced the features of wireless connectivity and a color touch-screen too, that is really helpful in transferring the details to the printer. It also does not take much longer after unpacking.

You unpack it and its ready to work in no time after doing minor installations. As the manufacturer has taken care of all the safety measures, hence the experts consider it as a safe to use printing device in a classroom. It meets all the safety requirements recommended by IEC Home Printer Certification 60953. The dual extruder is able to generate a dual colored print with varying materials like PLA, ABS, and Infinity Rinse-Away support material. The resultant prints are as large as 6″H x 6″W x 6″D. the mobile users can also enjoy connecting and printing through their mobiles using free Cubify app.


  • User-friendly manual for a guideline, making the set up comfortable enough.
  • Excellent customer support service.
  • Excellent quality prints.
  • Dual resolution prints offering options of 200 microns for standard resolution, or 70 microns for high resolution.


  • Prints might fail due to jamming of the extruder nozzles attached to the filament cartridges.
  • High priced filaments and the proprietary cartridges.
  • Auto calibrates z-gap needs to be operated manually.

CubeX 3D Printer

If you are a quality conscious consumer, then the Cubify CubeX Duo is the right option as it is ranked as the best consumer-level 3-D printers available. Like several other machines, it has minor weaknesses, but one cannot ignore the quality it renders in the shape of the final print.

So far it is said to produce the best highest resolutions in the 3-D printing market. The key traits that make it unique and different from other existing printers is the outclass dual print heads that generate amazing multi-color objects. Getting the perfect print is not difficult now as you can comfortably preview the print before actually printing it. It is a great printing experience for ABS as well as PLA filament.

It operates with the proprietary 3-D printing program. Cubify is an easy to use, user-friendly printing device that runs with Windows or Mac. The CubeX Duo cannot be connected directly to the computer as an output device, instead, it requires a SD card slot and creates the prints of the files that ae stored and saved on the flash drive.


  • Easy to install and load filaments that are great for beginners also.
  • Solid xy stage facilitated by the extended bearing surfaces.
  • Drive spindle works with flex mount that results in wobble less z-stage.
  • Durable and high quality design.


  • Print cartridges cost a lot.
  • Color jet heats before the colors are switched, thus taking more time.
  • Print bed falls in the corners.

Cubify Cube 3D Printer

Do you want to buy an excellent 3D printer for domestic use? Now you can easily transform this dream into reality. Get the Cubify Cube 3D printer today and enjoy the best 3D printing in the comfort of your home. The resultant 3D prints will amaze you with their close to life features and clarity. With high-quality results, it is difficult to ignore it merely because of few limitations. It is easy to get the best prints in just five quick minutes of anything you like on internet or you design on the computer.

It is an excellent choice for those in the profession of civil engineering and architecture. The utility multiplies especially when the user is proficient at CAD software. If you are really enthusiastic about using the Cube 3D printers for prototyping, game pieces or some routine chores then Cubify Cube 3D printer hasno match.


  • User-friendly device with easy to operate features.
  • Compact and manageable device for all kinds of workplaces.
  • Makes very little noise while printing.


  • Cannot print in multiple colors at the same time.
  • Old version software.
  • No software assistance for designing 3D models.


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