20 Best 3D Printers Prices & Reviews of 2018

Best 3D Printers Prices
Best 3D Printers Prices
(Last Updated On: February 13, 2019)

Just a couple of years back, splurging in a 3D printer would almost be a near impossibility. This was mostly because of its unavailability and high price. But now, some of the best 3D printers are available under $500. So if you’re someone who’s looking out splurge in a decent 3D printer, here’s a list of the best 3D printer that makes a mark.

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Best 3D Printers Under 500

Monoprice MP select mini

This is one of the cheapest and best 3D printers in the current market. The machine is incredibly impressive with its smart and slick design. Additionally, it also comes with a quick release filament feeder and a color LCD that ensures that you get the most accurate preview all way round. The heated build plate is strong and solid while the nozzle cooling fan keeps the printer cool. The best part- Monoprice now also comes with USB and micro USB connectivity which makes your printing even easier.

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XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 1.0 Best 3D Printer

The Da Vinci Jr. printer from XYZ is one of the most consumer friendly 3D printers in the market. It is available at an extremely affordable range and the design and features of the device are truly commendable. The compact design adds to the slickness and the aluminum frame makes it sturdy. Setting up and operating the printer is relatively easy and hassle free. The print area is enclosed and the print bed is unheated. The device offers safe and hassle free printing all way round. However, the print quality is not always exceptional and the software too is pretty balky.

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Original Prusa i3 MK2

This is another cheap printer that works flawlessly when it comes to delivering accurate and distinct print outs. The design is slick and stylish- while the printer as a whole is incredibly well featured. The MK2 comes loaded with a series of cool features that keeps it an edge ahead of other relatively cheaper printers. The heated bed of the printer performs many other functions than simply heating up. It also comes with a relatively thicker and customized PCB that has a PEI foil on top of it. This further means that the printer gets heated and cooled quickly and also that its bed adhesion is on point.

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Kossel 3D printer

If you are looking for 3D printers, this awesome delta style machine is truly worth your money. The printer is small, well packaged and extremely stylish. Additionally, it has an enclosed printing space for safe and easy printing. This printer is more of a DIY kit from the stable of RepRap and it comes with an auto leveling build platform that makes it easier for you to get the prints done. The quality of prints is exceptional and the device can print as distinctly as 30 microns. As the device is open source, you can customize upgrades and also use the LCD control panel and the heated bed for the prints.

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New Matter MOD-t Best 3D printer

The MOD T 3D printer is an attractive device with features that’ll truly live up to your expectations. The smooth line and super clean design makes it easier to get your prints. The build space too is compact and there’s almost no noise when you take the prints. The wireless network connectivity of the printer further makes it easier for you to choose, personalize and wirelessly print your documents. But despite every other feature, it is the price that makes it so attractive. Available at price as less as $399, this is undeniably a bargain.

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FlashForge Finder 3D printer

This is one of the most moderately priced 3D printers from the brand and it offers the most exceptional print quality. The output printed is extremely distinct and well detailed. Additionally, the printer also doesn’t make any noise during the printing session. It can connect via an USB 2.0 cable, a thumb drive or even Wi-Fi. The design too is slick and compact. Also, being light weight, this printer turns out to be exceptionally portable. Available under $500, it is indeed worth your money.

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Powerspec 3D pro

If you are looking for a relatively cheaper 3D printer that will perform flawlessly, nothing can work better than the Powerspec 3D pro. Made in China, this printer has a great resemblance with the first generation version of the Makerbot replicator. The machine aids in dual extrusion while the high speed and its superb reliability makes it one of the most high value 3D printers in the market. Although it is slightly tricky when it comes to usage and maintenance- this is indeed one of the best printers in the market.

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Best 3D Printers Price $500/$999

Afinia H480

This is a small but extremely well priced 3D printer that is equipped to print with an ABS filament. The build platform is automatically heated and it also adjusts automatically. The volume of build is around 140 X 140 X 135 and it can produce prints at a layer height of around 150 microns. It has one extruder head and the entire device itself is quite compact and easy to operate. You will love the stylish and slick design of the device. Additionally, being portable, it will be easier for you to carry the printer to places.

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Printrbot 3D printer

Printrbot has a great reputation in the US, particularly, when it comes to cheap 3D printers. The company is widely popular among budget conscious buyers. Printrbot has never failed to amuse us with well featured and affordable 3D printers, and this one too makes the mark. It comes up with prints that are awesome in quality and the brand too is reliable and well known. The Printrbot play has a small volume and is therefore one of the coolest, portable 3D printers in the market. The Alu Extruder V2 backed by the aluminum body makes your operations smoother and better.

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Ordbot Hadron 3D Printer

This is a scalable printing platform which is made around the rails of Makerslide aluminum. The bearing surfaces are molded on every side making it even safer. The frame of the printer is relatively stidd, it is mechanically reliable and the print speed is pretty high. The cost is not cheap but affordable. The device comes with a RAMPS 1.4 board which makes it easier to upgrade to better versions like OrdBot. You can also connect LCD screens, motors and SD port flawlessly. Overall, this is an amazing printer for enthusiasts who are looking forward to experiment.

Ordbot Hadron 3D Printer Price : $699.00

Rostock Max V2

This is another diverse printer with a delta style machine. The printer is stylish, smart and incredibly solid. The device was first launched in the Indiegogo campaign that raised about 777% of the original target. It is an improved and incredibly upgraded machine that comes with a series of features. Considering the fact that this printer is a DIY kit, these features are truly a bargain. We were truly impressed with the exceptional quality prints, noise free operation and quick prints of this device. Likewise, considering both the price and features, this printer is truly worth a shot.

Rostock MAX v2 Price : $775.51 + $23.49 shipping

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Flashforge creator pro Best 3D printer

The Flashforge printer is manufactured in China and it is strangely similar to the Makerbot’s 2x Replicator version. The 3D printer is equipped with a metal frame and backed by a proper and enclosed chassis. Other relevant features include a leveling system for the platform along with a metal build plate that helps in durability and stabilization simultaneously. The price is affordable and the device is a bargain considering the low price. With more than 2500 customer verdicts, this is indeed one of the most popular 3D printers among customers.

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XYZ printing Nobel 1.0

The ZYZ printing Nobel comes with the best quality of stereolithographic 3D prints at the most affordable and moderate range. The printer also comes with an automatic system for resin feed. Here, all that you have to do is place a resin bottle along the receptacle side of the printer. Right after that, attach the cap with small tubes on its top so that it properly feeds resin in the tray. The printer also comes with a feature which will automatically feed the resin when it is detected that the resin in the printing tray is relatively low.

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Best 3D Printers Price $1000/$4999

LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer

This is probably one of the smallest FFF 3D printers coming from Aleph objects, and it is undeniably an amazing little machine. Although it has a build of volume of only 6 inches, but the benefits processed by the prints are way better and hassle free, particularly when you are looking out to warp. The print head too moves and accelerates quickly, thereby ensuring quick finish and exceptionally clean results. The overall printer is strong, sturdy and well featured and the rim part comes with pointed corners for safe printing.

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Zortrax M200 Best 3D printer

Made of strong and durable aluminum, this printer prints straight from the box with absolutely minimal time for calibration. This is one of the coolest plug n’ play printers that makes 3D printing a breeze. The professional standard of this 3D printer is higher than ever. So we would definitely rate it high when it comes to the quality of prints, reliability and real value for money.

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Makergear M2

If you are looking for a strong, solid and incredibly reliable printer- the Makegear M2 can be a great option. The sturdy steel frame and aluminum construct adds reliability to this printer. This in turn helps in coming up with the best quality prints. You can also use a wide range of materials including flexible items, nylon stuff and even polycarbonate for the best quality prints here. On top of that, you can also adjust and tweak the printer according to your convenience with the open source electronics.

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Formlabs Form 2 3D printer

The Formlabs 3D printer is a premium product that can come up with the highest quality and detailed prints ever. The peeling mechanism, strong, heated tank, superb touch screen display, backed by the wireless controls makes it one of the most feature rich printers in the market. The printer also comes with some clever software work that makes it easier to fabricate models. The customer support too is extremely helpful and you can reach out to them as and when you require. The printer offers USB Ethernet and wifi connectivity.

Formlabs Form Prix : $1,904.89 & FREE Shipping.

Ultimaker 2+ Best 3D printer

When it comes to a compact printer with the best features ever, Ultimaker 2+ definitely makes the mark. The printer features a well-lit front door backed by translucent sides. The upgraded print head, solid heater cartridge and the feature of using several nozzle sizes makes it one of the best 3D printers in the market. The varying nozzle size feature makes it easier for it to develop a speed volume of 24 mm3/s. So you can now print bulk papers in a jiffy with this awesome printer.

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 BCN3D sigma

Dual extrusion truly doesn’t need to be a hassling affair and this is exactly what BCN3D proves you better. From the initial proposition to the superb dual extruder system, this printer is everything that you could ever ask from a 3D printing device. Besides working amazingly well with the dual extruder system, it also works excellently with the single extrusion of fused fragment fabrication. As a result, you get prints that are incredibly spectacular. The build space is decent, operating it is simple and the design and structure of the printer is more than just awesome.

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Type A machine series 1 3D printer

The Series 1 is undeniably the best printer from the brand considering its feature and structure. It has a one cubic foot of build volume and the components too are industrial grade, thereby coming with the best and the most professional results. The modular design is superb, the build platform is heated and you can also add a webcam to the device as an upgrade. The printer works with a wide range of materials including the PLA, PET and the carbon fiber. If you are looking for versatility backed by reliability this is definitely one of the best 3D printer on board.

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Final words

Well, these were some of the coolest 3D printers that are sturdy, long lasting and incredibly stylish. The best part- each of them comes up with the best quality prints where the output is completely distinct. They are easy to install and also available in the most affordable rates. So if you are looking to experience 3D prints like never before, explore your options, check out the features and choose the one that truly meets your requirements and gets your job done easily.